Recent Experiences,

Had any paranormal experiences? Know of anyone who has? Want to know about types of ghosts & theories of what they are? Discuss these here. Ask any advice if you need it.

Re: Recent Experiences,

Postby kayteebex » Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:49 pm

I was staying at my friends mom's house the other night, as I was bridesmaid at her wedding. And there was some pretty weird things going on....

Things were disappearing and re-appearing, being moved and in general, it was quite an uneasy feeling all night. Like phones, keys and shoes. They weren't there one moment, and then they were the next. But I am not sure if the keys have turned up yet.....

I woke up with scratches on my foot, I got a scratch during the church service and then it was gone later that day around 9. My phone would light up for no reason, but it was weird that it would light up around the same time as the person who was sleeping on the sofa would wake up, and find a pillow over her feet.

I have been ill ever since, so i don't know what it is - if it's something that happened to do with the scratches or if it's just an illness thing. But it's been ever since they started showing up....
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Re: Recent Experiences,

Postby kayteebex » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:05 am

Stuff has still been happening... i have been seeing black figures moving. Or even just in the corner of my eye, i can see small black dots or balls moving and almost running around.

But it was about an hour ago that I got the most scared. I was just having a bath and i was laying there. And then, i heard something hit the wall and then the floor. I know it was thrown because i saw it as i was looking at the wall at the time.

So... any ideas? I told my parents and they don't blelive me :(
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Re: Recent Experiences,

Postby GhostInTheMachine » Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:19 am

Kayteebex I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems like this.

I think if I were you I would

A) try to get those books I mentioned then do what they say, especially some steps in the one by Echo Bodine
B) Try to keep things light and positive, especially within yourself.
Play calming and upbeat or very beautiful music, paint your room in bright, light colours... yellows etc maybe,
Get lights in there use crystals if you can etc... anything to lighten things up and dispelled any darkness.
C) try to do things that you may think will purify the place, .... one ancient thing to do burn sage around, sound a singing bowl or clear bells in the corners of the room.... etc.
But most of all try to be upbeat yourself, extrovert and doing things that make you pleased and happy.

I think the more positive you can be, the more positive energy around that you create, the better.
Go out with friends, have fun etc.

Meanwhile, if you think something is there that is bothering you, tell it to stop, that it's bothering you band it needs to stop and leave. Keep telling it that.... it's your life, your house and room... stand up to it like you would any bully if it 's intimidating.

OR if you think it's genuinely just trying to get thru then ask it what wants.
But I would still do steps A and B

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Re: Recent Experiences,

Postby Chatelaine » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:17 pm

Stay happy, stay strong! Something is invading your space and upsetting you, that isn't on. Tell it to stop scaring you and bugger off x
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Re: Recent Experiences,

Postby Mikey Dee » Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:50 pm

Hi Kateebex,

Hope your well and everything is a little calmer ??? Its nice that so many people have messaged you with sentiments of support and reassurance that you are not nuts. I know what you mean about talking to people off this site about weird stuff. I tend to bypass the subject if Im with friends or out meeting people. I worked out how to enlarge the photos and can see what you mean about the curtain.

Do you find it annoying that you will never know the answer why ? It annoys the heck out of me lol.

All the best, Mikey Dee
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