Singles triples and room full of ghosts

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Singles triples and room full of ghosts

Postby Roger » Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:43 am

Here's something to ponder
There are various posts on this site talking about what is a ghost and why it may be lingering
I've seen dead people on their own
I've seen three dead people sitting in a loft together
And I've seen one dead person entering into a room where a full blown party was going on
And heard the chattering and singing and even the piano
I never actually saw in the room but heard all the people
I eventually got someone to open the door of the room and of course no one in there and completely silent
I couldn't open the door myself as when I realised what was going on I got the chills and and just imagined opening the door and a room full of ghosts would stop what they were doing and stare at me
I can deal with one or even three but not a room full
Any way I'm getting off the point now
I don't believe that the ones in the loft actually knew each other
Nor the ones in my house in Plymouth,there is just too many
There is the one that clumped up the stairs on the first night I stayed there
I remember telling it I was too tired to worry about him and to clear off and be nice
Also in the house there are at least two kids
They would run around laughing
And then there is the joker in the basement flat
There is just too many in that house
And it's very doubtful they all died at the same time or that they knew each other
But at times it's been like I left the front door open and the house is full of people
Just that they are not living like us
Do they socialise I wonder
The three in the loft would always sit in a line next to each other
So I'm thinking they must sort of interact in certain places
Or is it that the see,er is more in tune than the next person
The next person may not see anything or they might see one ghost
I know when you hear of people using a weejee board they always seem to pick different people up
A bit like a radio
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Re: Singles triples and room full of ghosts

Postby GhostInTheMachine » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:09 pm

That's very interesting Roger.

Well, I don't know the answers to what you saw, I think you'd be in the best position to evaluate that as you have more information than anyone about those.

But with regard to being like a radio, the signals coming through at the same time and not necessarily being from the same source or show, but overlapping, maybe that's a good analogy to certain types of phenomena.

As regards there being too many and they can't always have died in an area. Well, I'm one who sees it that they are just like people and they don't have to have died anywhere to be in a place. In my view a place will attract vagrant spirits if it's empty, abandoned, or for some other reason just like a house will attract transient vagrants of the living kind if it's left empty. People who want to hide, be in peace, or just want to.

Some other types of phenomena may not be spirits at all, but just electrical recordings and imprints, stone tape variety.

These are all points of view from me as a "believer" in these things of course!
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Re: Singles triples and room full of ghosts

Postby Roger » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:04 pm

Yeah I think the ghost party must just of been a room replay
Apart from the one that walked through me
I do remember a story about a group of Roman legionaries seen marching along together
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Re: Singles triples and room full of ghosts

Postby Spirit Bear » Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:46 am

Roger, that is fascinating. Of course the party stopped when you opened the door-you weren't invited. Reminds me of my friends cancelling a big party because they heard I was in town! :roll:

The Roman Legions story took place in York. Richard Felix' DVD on York ghosts has an interview with the man who saw it. It was in the cellar of a bank where he was working. He saw the soldiers, including an officer on a horse, come out of the wall, and march into the facing wall. They were only seen from the knees up, as the Roman road they knew was quite a bit lower than the modern floor. You should try to see that DVD, as it is fascinating, one of Richard's best.
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