Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

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Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby Tasha O » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:44 pm

Hope this is in the right place.

After moving and settling in to our new house, my mother decided she would move out to the nearest big town in order to find work, which was Dumfries, only returning home at weekends.

At this period in time while staying in Dumfries my mother went every week to Spiritual meetings and read the Psychic News.

At weekends my mother and I shared a bedroom, as usual I was still wide awake when she came to bed, we would have a little chat sometimes, one night as my mother was lying there chatting, she suddenly remarked about a weird pattern on the ceiling above her bed, it resembled the head of a Native American, who she thought was Silver Cloud or Birch, cant remember which, he was a spirit guide and featured in the Psychic News, mother was thrilled to see the outline of the spirit guide above her bed, then I had a look above my bed, to my utter horror what I saw filled me with terror, it was the distinct outline of a skeleton and the scull was directly above my head, my mother came and had a look and was horrified, I was petrified and after discovering it there, my eyes were drawn to it and I lay there most nights, all night staring up at the skeleton above my bed.

My grandparents were told about the skeletal outline, but my grandmother said I was just imagining things and blamed my mother for putting such nonsense in to my head, she would not look at the ceiling above my bed.

I hated sleeping in the room on my own more now through the week when my mother was away, due to the shape of the room my bed had to remain where it was and my grandmother would not allow me to change beds, I used to sneak out the back door, because it opened quieter, after my grandparents were asleep and nip round to the front doorstep, where I knew our neighbours cat would be, then took him in to the room to sleep on my bed for company, my grandmothers cat was unapproachable, I always had to try and make sure I got puss out the bedroom window before my grandmother caught him on the bed, but she knew what I was doing, telltale cat hairs on the bed, I then had to sleep alone in the room again.

I was hoping the skeletal outline would disappear once the ceiling was painted again, but it still remained, I even searched in the attic for the area above my bed to see if I could find an outline there too, but my grandfather wasn’t happy with me straying away from the attic hatch in case I fell through the ceiling as the attic was not floored and I had to walk on the beams, so I never found out if there was anything in evidence.

Thankfully after two or three years my mother got a job in the village and was permanently at home, until I moved away, 8 years later, that skeletal outline remained above my bed.

The property however did have a presence, a relative of my grandmothers through marriage called with a friend one day, upon leaving the friend told my mother in private, as she felt she would be able to discuss it with her, that the spirit of the previous lady who had stayed in our house was sitting peacefully knitting by the fire side, the lady who previously lived there was the sister of the woman related through marriage.

Many years later I moved back in to the same property and the same bedroom, my bed this time was in a different location, but I still checked the ceiling above where my bed had been so many years earlier, there was no outline of a skeleton, it was gone as was the outline of the spirit guide.

At the age of 9, seeing something like that above my bed was very frightening, I am interested to hear what others think of this experience.

Tasha O
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Re: Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby GhostInTheMachine » Wed Jan 13, 2016 5:33 pm

Oh my, I can understand why that would disturb you in many ways. How odd!

I suppose some will say it's possibly pareidolia, ... random patterns in anything (clouds, water, fire, tea leaves) that the mind automatically adds meaning to, naturally seeks out the forms. This is well known to happen to everyone.
But, that also depends how abstract the images are... was the skeleton very well-defined or was it an impression?
The other thing that is strange, how the image suddenly got there, and right after the one of the Indian guide... and how come it disappeared... was there ever a leak or something to cause staining in the ceiling? Dead mouse maybe... But you were not able to check.
These things are what the sceptics would be bound to say.

But those are just the natural possibilities, ... maybe there is actually a supernatural one! I don't know what that could be, ...but it certainly had the effect of scaring you, and possibly comforting your mother (the guide).

Sounds like your grandmother was quite nonsense and sceptical, whereas your mother was the opposite.
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Re: Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby Scaramouche » Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:55 pm

That your Grandmother said you were imagining things; but refused to look at the patterns on the ceiling suggest that she was all too aware of what was happening and that it may not have been the first time they had appeared. When you later visited the house and the patterns had gone, they may have disappeared of their own accord. In other words, the patterns may have appeared in cycles. Usually, as with many paranormal incidents, there is a disrupting event (personal or otherwise) that triggers the appearance of unexplained activity - often directly connected to the householders themselves. In instances where incidents happen in cycles, there are frequently a series of similar events that act as triggers - whether they be repetitive physical actions or anniversaries. The really interesting question, though, is what started the patterns in the first place. Perhaps a touch of genealogy is called for in this case.
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Re: Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby Spirit Bear » Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:19 pm

I think I would have to side with GiTM on this one, I think it was just an odd pattern on the ceiling, maybe caused by minute cracks in the plaster, or warping of the paint as it was applied. I'd be interested in finding out if the paint was latex based which is shiny or flat, also what color was the ceiling.
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Re: Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby Chatelaine » Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:13 pm

Love the story, it was real to you and that's all that matters. Strange how both patterns had gone on your return years later, if they were cracks then they should have still been there, if no one had decorated.

Thanks for sharing your unusual story with us Tasha, I always enjoy hearing your experiences.
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Re: Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby GhostInTheMachine » Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:11 am

Chatelaine wrote:Love the story, it was real to you and that's all that matters.

Actually, that is the main point....

Even though we comment, and say whatever it seems it could be, from a distance, .... you are who it happened to, you were there, and you know what it was like, what fits and what doesn't. Part of the whole experience is your own subjective feelings and thoughts about it, and perceptions, which we can't get.
It's so easy for others who don't have that advantage and weren't there to get it wrong.....
It is very unusual, I wish I could have seen it too really!
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Re: Weird Patterns on the Ceiling

Postby Mikey Dee » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:08 am

Could not your dad have helped get rid of the outlines ? They are normally caused by damp and water and can be easily waterproofed and painted (which sounds like what happened eventually).

I think the point is though that you were frightened at a very vulnerable age and no one helped you out.

Like you, I would have not slept well at all under a bony outline of a dead person. Not at all.

Are you OK now ?
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