Kings Park Psychiatric Center

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Postby Spirit Bear » Sun Sep 21, 2014 3:21 pm

Yesterday, 7 members of NQPRG journeyed to Babylon, Long Island to explore and investigate the buildings and grounds of this abandoned mental facility.

Kings Park reminds me of Denbigh Asylum in Wales. Set in a State Park, this site was a self sufficient community. There are deer that freely roam the woods around the buildings. The buildings, for the most part, are locked and sealed, but there are a few that vandals and graffiti artists have managed to break into.

The one building we were able to enter was numbered 138, and was used to hold the most violent inmates and prisoners(there is a jail adjacent to 138.) The building's two floors are laid out in a cruciform pattern, with 4 wards radiating off a central hub. The building is in very poor shape-paint peeling, littered with debris left by thieves who broke in to steal anything of value-copper wiring, and any metal fitting. About the only metal left is the heavy iron bars on many of the windows.

During our time here we investigated both floors. The top floor was horrible-the atmosphere was heavy and oppressive, a feeling I can only call hostile. We called out, but nothing of note was achieved, either with our meters and recorders. Since the park closed at sundown, we were pressed for time and had to close down the session after about 45 minutes.

Before leaving the park, several of us went over to the main Admin building, a huge pile of 14 stories. Altho we were able to get thru the chain link fence surrounding the building, we were unable to get into the building itself, nor would we have tried as this building is under constant scrutiny by the security on site. We contented ourselves by walking around the outside of the building. Here we got some results-I had several spikes to 3 on my K-2 meter and one of the members saw a pair of feet following another member ahead of him.

This was a very creepy location, and one that needs to be visited again, with a bigger team. I've got dibs on Building 138, it was just made for a solo vigil! :twisted:
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Re: Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Postby Chatelaine » Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:35 am

Glad to hear you've been out with your American group, it's great to hear about new locations. Hope you guys get to go through the fences and get inside the buildings sometime.
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