About The Investigations Discussion Forum

We have now done dozens of investigations over the years all over the UK. Reports will be loaded one by one on the main site page at www.everythingghost.co.uk, - we have a backlog! Discuss completed reports here.

About The Investigations Discussion Forum

Postby GhostInTheMachine » Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:06 pm

The team at EverythingGhost has now conducted many investigations all across the UK, from Cornwall to Edinburgh, Wales and Brighton. We have also conducted minor investigations and visits to hundreds of haunted locations and through time have become well experienced in these activities.

This part of the forum is for general discussion about the investigations undertaken by EverythingGhost, which appear on the Investigations page of the main forum and this is the place where you can add your own accounts and experiences you had during these vigils, add your photographs or Youtube links and generally discuss the event. We consider this is important to be able to gain a "3 dimensional" aspect to the overall investigation by getting all viewpoints; some will remember the night entirely differently to other members, and all accounts are welcome as only then can a full picture be gained.

We also welcome discussion by members of the forum who did not attend or who would like to do an investigation, who need advice on doing one and members may like to give their views. Maybe you have visited the location yourself and had an experience, or have any information that would be valuable for research purposes and help us with background history about the venue and that can authenticate (or not) material that came up during the vigils.

We also invite you to report your own investigation reports in this section of the forum, any that you did yourself in supposedly haunted locations. You can also discuss any vigils you would like to organise or request members to join in here on the forum. We are liberal about other investigation discussion and are interested to hear your own if you have done them, other than our own "official" investigations (which unfortunately sounds very patronising, so please note this only means those EverythingGhost have organised themselves). The bottom line is we are merely interested in Everything Ghostly, paranormal, unexplained or weird, and if such things have happened outside our domain or with another group fire away as we'd love to hear.

In summary, we are not interested in any rivalries between paranormal groups, as has occurred within some websites. We are just interested in ghosts and the paranormal & welcome free discussion on these topics.

We welcome sceptical and scientific views about vigils, as well as those who sincerely believe - just give your opinions and respect those of others.

We will be opening a thread for each investigation we do as they occur, and invite team members to write their reports therein.

We regret that where EverythingGhost investigations & vigils are concerned, these are by invitation only, simply because from past experience we know we have to get to know people before they join in to ensure everyone is in accord and that there is a successful event, as it is the rapport & "esprit de corps" between team members that often determines a successful vigil and good results from a night's work.

Kind Regards
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Re: About The Investigations Discussion Forum

Postby Chatelaine » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:48 pm

Hear! Hear! :-D
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