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PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:56 pm
by GhostInTheMachine
Our first investigation report for The Crown Inn, Lewes, East Sussex is viewable on our investigations page

There will be a second investigation report for the Crown, as we also did a longer vigil with The Caspian Group and Sue Smith, which was really good and deserves its own report, but unfortunately we are backlogged on reports so we'll have to wait. But if anyone would like to comment or add their own experiences at The Crown please feel free to do so here on this forum thread, we'd love to hear about them and maybe even include some of these in the next report.

This Inn in Sussex came as an absolute surprise to us. We didn't know it was haunted until we booked in there, staying the night while we did the vigil at Preston Manor. Then prior to our visit and after chatting to the barman on the phone about why we were visiting, we found that it is in fact haunted! We contacted the landlady who confirmed ghosts had been seen, including by herself, she booked us into one of the haunted rooms and gave us a tour of inn & let us have access to some of the other places where apparitions had been seen, but she was reluctant to have the publicity "in case it scares away the guests".

Well, this then looked like a rare but genuinely haunted pub - usually they are too keen to tell you they are haunted by a white lady or a headless highwayman.

Since that time we have done several investigations at the Inn, and we have persuaded the landlady, Karen, to let us publicize our results, which we have done on the main forum Investigations page.

This thread here is where you can comment on those investigations, let us know what happened to you first hand if you have been at the Crown or partook in any of the vigils there, post your photos, or if you know anything else about the pub's hauntings or history that will be of interest.

Post away here!


PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:29 am
by Spirit Bear
I would like to share my thoughts on the vigil at the Crown I was involved in on the nights of May 30th and 31st,2010.

This is a site that will require many more investigations,and much more exploring of areas outside the Inn in Lewes. A serious attempt should be made to verify or deny the presence of a tunnel warren under the streets of the town,and if possible explore any sections that could be discovered, and deemed safe to enter. We have only scratched the tip of the iceberg in regards to the Priory and its connections to the Crown.

As to the vigil itself,the highlight for me was the poltergiest activity we encountered in our room both nights. The incident with the milk containers being thrown was especially freaky,since it seems I was the target that time.

I had just rolled over,and was on the point of falling asleep when I heard a clatter just over my bed,near the window. It sounded like some small,hard,plastic object had struck either the wall or the lamp. The sound roused all of us. I turned on the lights,and at first I could see nothing amiss. Then I looked over the edge of the bed and saw the first container on the floor,partly hidden by the window curtain. It was only after we had all examined this object that the milk splattered all over the wall,the bed-side table and the inside of the lamp shade was noticed.

Now,in case some might think Alison or Jane threw the item,I can assure you that it would have been physically impossible. They would have had to thrown it,in near total darkness,completely over the canopy of my bed,with enough force to hit the wall where it did and spill all the contents. They could not have done this from their beds,nor could they have gotten out of their beds and crept over to the fireplace,as they would have been given away by the creaking of their beds as they got up,and the creaking of the floor boards,even covered by carpet. When we first created our investigation group in 2007,we all swore that we would never,ever,fake anything on our vigils,and we have been true to this promise thru some 40 vigils since then.

As per the vigils in the two cellars,they were among the best and most rewarding we have ever done. The first,in the junk cellar,where we meet the prior,if that is what he was,was not so much scary,as disgusting. There were insects flying all over the place,junk and disused furniture everywhere,water dripping,it was a mess. The solo vigil I did there was OK,but really devoid of results.

The vigil in the cellar with the public restrooms was frightening. The atmosphere here was heavy and dark,and remained so the entire time we were there. I can see why the staff refuses to come down here on their own. But it is possible,now that we seem to have uncovered the real truth about the death of the maid,that she will move on,and let that area lighten up.

This is one of the best Inns for doing PNI's,and I hope we will be going back there again real soon.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:13 pm
by Chatelaine
I think we can say without a doubt that the most amazing things have happened to us at the Crown. These events were totally unexpected and even I find them hard to take in. To me the poltergeist activity has thrown up more questions than answers. We definitely experienced inanimate objects moving seemingly of their own volition, so what was the cause of this and how could it be possible?

I have always been fascinated by paranormal stories, but if I am honest, I've always been sceptical when it came to stories of poltergeists, they always seemed to me to be one step too far, far too fantastic to be true. However, for myself, I now know for certain that this phenomena exists. What exactly a poltergeist is I cannot begin to offer an explanation. Apart from my heart racing just before the incidents, I wasn't afraid and I had no perception of a ghost/presence (call it what you will) being present in the room. It was a life changing experience but I am none the wiser what was responsible for the items thrown.

The Crown is a location which I am sure we will visit again as there are so many tantalising stories we have only touched upon. The stories are amazing and we hope that on future visits we will find more bits of information we can use for further research.


PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 9:06 am
by Chatelaine
Just to let everyone know, I was interviewed on Sussex Radio about the Crown this morning on their breakfast show. I will try and add the audio this evening when it comes available. It was just a light hearted chat about what has been going on there. One of the barmen was also speaking about it and had some spooky tales to tell too!

The presenter asked if anyone else had experienced anything strange there and to call in if they had, so it will be interesting to hear if anyone had any other stories.

If anyone is interested, Sue Smith and her Caspian Group will be conducting a vigil at the Crown on Saturday 11th June. If you would like to join her, you can contact her on this forum. You can PM Sue, she writes under the name of Saslec45 on this forum.


PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 8:31 pm
by GhostInTheMachine
Ah, yes I posted the link already on a new thread, probably should have put it here but there you go.

You can view the radio show here:

You need to put the audio in at 1:38:15 to get to the right place in the show ... 2_05_2011/


PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 8:49 pm
by Chatelaine
Thanks for adding the link Alison :oops: glad it's all over hehehehehe I was dreaming all night that I was going to say the wrong this and sound like a dorkchop! :lol:


PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 9:10 pm
by karen
Just listened to the broadcast.... Jane you have a lovely voice for the radio!!!!!!!! You were also very credible and did a great job. This should pull in more customers for the Crown, the brewery should be ashamed of themselves if they don't invest more money in the hotel.


PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 10:19 pm
by Chatelaine
Thanks Kaz, you are too sweet to me xxx Yeah, it is an interesting place and anyone interested in the paranormal like us should take a look there. I just hope it doesn't become a circus, thankfully Sue Smith of the Caspian group has offered to organise vigils for anyone who wants to investigate there. I am worried for the Landlady as I know there are so many groups out there who do silly things and might take advantage and I want Karen to be protected she is so lovely. Sue will look after things for her xxx


PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:07 pm
by Spirit Bear
Jane,Al,Holly and I stayed at the Crown Inn on Friday June 17th and Saturday the 18th while in Sussex for an investigation at Preston Manor. We stayed in the infamous Room 5,where we have had so much PN activity in the past,but nothing happened in this room the entire time we stayed over.

On Friday night,which stretched into Saturday morning,we conducted vigils in the kitchen celler,the restroom celler,and I finished up with a solo vigil in the restroom celler,which really kicked off.

The vigil in the kitchen celler was nearly devoid of results,other than being pestered by the horde of moths that live down there. Holly was very uneasy and spent the entire time on Al's lap,snapping at any moth that came too close. We had no activity on the EMF meters,no contact from calling out,and saw only one or two possible light anomalies.

The vigil in the loo celler was equally devoid of results. There was a room where the beer barrels were kept cold by AC,which had not been opened for us in previous vigils,but had been opened this time. But the frigid temperature and the noise of the AC unit made any work in that space impossible. The ladies decided to pack it in,but I remained,with a Gauss meter,a K-2 meter,an MP3 player,and a walkie-talkie. Making myself comfortable on the bottom of the steps,I commenced calling out,and after awhile I commenced getting yes/no answers in the form of taps,but the information they gave made no sense most of the time. It soon occured to me that I was dealing with more than one entity.

Altho most of what I am going to relate may be my own subjective views,I believe that I came in contact not only with Emily,the murdered girl,but her killer as well. He dominated the session,and I soon realized he was trapped in that celler by his own guilt and his own fear of judgement. Even worse,he had trapped the spirit of Emily down there with him,refusing to let her go. I also became aware that this coward(and I called him that several times during the vigil)was hiding inside the ladies loo,and refused to come out into the hallway to talk. So I decided to go in after him. I took the Gauss meter with me,and the device went berserk when trained on the wall outside the stall,where alledgedly Emily is said to walk thru. The meter was hitting 9/10 in the red danger zone,so I retreated back out into the hallway. Now in the earlier vigil with the ladies,I had traced an electrical cable in the stall,but this was not the same,as I never went into the stall during the SV. The reading covered an area about 6 foot square,the same size as a man.

After returning to the stairs,I resumed trying to get answers out of this character,and I was not gentle or polite in my method. I finally appealed to him to at least show some decency and let Emily move on,even if he was afraid to do so. This really provoked a reaction. I decided to take one last reading in the ladies room,but never made it. As I approached the door to that room,the Gauss meter went mad again,this time the needle going well past the 10 mark,indicating dangerously and potentially harmful levels of EMF. It was time for me to leave,and I didn't dally on the way out.

If what I uncovered is the truth,then it is obvious that an exorcism,cleansing,or rescue circle is needed in that celler to free those unhappy spirits.


PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:56 pm
by GhostInTheMachine
Thanks Tom for that on your solo vigil in the cellar, it is particularly interesting on the EMF readings, as we have done vigils in that cellar many times and never had such high readings. I'd say it should bve investigated for electrical faults or causes and I told the landlady about it in case she wants to check it out with her electrician, as there may be some sort of surge down there that can be rectified.

On the subjective experiences you had, these are also interesting. I have also "perceived" the denseness of that cellar and it can be a very ominous place. Personally, I do not believe one spirit is capable of trapping another so I would have to differ on the man trapping the woman down there; my own perception of the place is more of a residual recording of an incident.

Aside from subjective experiences, I also have to say that we have had a lot of other phenomena that was recorded down in this cellar, in direct response to questioning. These include moving lights (on video as well as seen by all of us down there), strange audio recordings, knocks and bangs, and EMF meter readings that occurred despite no obvious electrical source, - also occuring seemingly in response to questions. The questions/answers and responses have always supported a narrative about a girl or woman who was murdered down in that cellar, possibly still buried there and never known; pushed down the stairs by another employee who seemed to be a Victorian man with a moustache.

It's also interesting to note that there have been several sets of vigils done down there over a period of a year, each time with new people who have never heard the information of previous vigils, and several mediums have gone down there "blind" - and yet all have come up with this same tale and version of events, which would otherwise defy probability if it was just a matter of guess work and coincidental subjective experiences.