Letchworth Village Cemetary(NQPRG investigation)

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Re: Letchworth Village Cemetary(NQPRG investigation)

Postby Spirit Bear » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:34 pm

skeeter-I forgot to mention that Letchworth was not the place Geraldo Rivera did his sneak investigation,that was Willowbrook on Staten Island,but the conditions he found would have been identical to what went on at Letchworth in its final days. Rivera found patients naked,unfed,sitting or sleeping in their own bodily wastes,many of them sleeping on the floor because there weren't enough beds,unattended,unsupervised. it was estimated that there was just one nurse or attendent for each 200 patients. Willowbrook was soon closed down after it was learned what went on there,but the ruins remain,and they are super haunted by all accounts. One legend is of a murderous wild man,someone who had gone feral and took to the woods,emerging to torture and murder those who come to investigate the ruins. :o
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Re: Letchworth Village Cemetary(NQPRG investigation)

Postby skeeter » Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:17 am

Willowbrook!! That's the one, Spirit Bear! I suppose I really should have Googled it, but I remember seeing a documentary about the wild man, and how they aren't sure if the man that was convicted for the murders in the 80s was really the right "wild man". When you described Letchworth, it immediately sprang to mind.
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